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on May 8th 2000, 18:55:54, oetsch wrote the following about


Oh yes, it seems to be a verry important word today. But the thing is, it is the size that counts, cause
small it, thats a common it, and it counts a lot, cause you use it all the time. You always had and you always will use it.
large IT, that's another business, and a serious one at that. stands for Internet Technologies I guess. Serious stuff. Big machines sending big information with routers spitting the whole mess in little packets, Its kind of like improved vomiting. People also take food, cut it up into little packets, mix it all up, and sometimes, when your lucky, you can see a human router doing a vomit, transmitting the whole packet soup into the intersubjective stratosphere of our towns, villages and wildlife reserves. Only nobody takes time to pick it up, separate the packets and put em together, like them machines do that are part of our IT.
I guess it's good that IT works better than vomiting.

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