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Freqeuently Asked Questions!

Blasti, the Assoziations-Blaster's mascot, knows everything about the Blaster.

What is this Assoziations-Blaster good for?
It blasts your associativity to a new level.

Is this some sort of chat or forum?
No, if you want to communicate with the authors of texts you read, use the forum of the Assoziations-Blaster. The main Blaster is a tool to connect texts. The texts are not stored in a certain sequence, so communication is impossible.

So what shall I write then?
If you want to contribute your ideas to make the Blaster's structure more complex, write what comes to your mind when you read the given keyword. It is important that what you write has something to do with the keyword, otherwise your efforts will be useless.

Why are so few words links?
The links in the texts are generated when a word there is identical with a keyword. The English Assoziations-Blaster is still fresh and young, so the more keywords are added, the better it will work. See the german statistics page to get an idea how the English version could look like.

How can I enter a new keyword?
Every user can enter a new keyword after he or she has written some texts. It is important to write your texts under the same author name so the Blaster recognizes you. At what time exactly you can enter a new keyword is dependant on your writing activity and a large portion of coincidence.

What are the »escape links«?
These links appear when less than 5 keywords are contained in the displayed text. This is made so you do not get stuck at a dead end that easily.

How does the User Rating work?
This topic has its own page: How the user rating works.

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